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The Canary


The Canary appears to be around sixteen to eighteen or so, with peach-tan colored skin and layered, short-cropped black hair that falls over and slightly obscures her features. Striking, vivid amber eyes--pupils surrounded by a thin ring of gold--shine with a mischievous glint, a wide, impish smile that leaves an unsettling feeling in one's stomach in addition to the feeling of a twisted, sadistic presence lurking behind it ever-present on pale pink lips. Though rather smallish and petite with a slight frame and aristocratic features, she's actually quite lanky--though, not too much as to be awkward--built for swiftness and unusually nimble and fleet on her feet for a 'bird-thing', as she says. However, one of her most notable--and distinguishing--features are her wings--as well as her tail.

A pair of black-and-gray wings sprouts from her shoulder blades, distinctive by a shock of vibrant golden yellow downy feathers and tips with a few less flamboyantly--but not any less striking--orange-gold and blue-gray feathers mixed in. Usually, though, she prefers to discreetly hide them away under her black tattered cloak--held together with a silver clasp--just in case--unless, of course, she takes them out to show off now and then. Her tail is of the same color, the soft feathers curling prettily at the end, with the occasional trailing one here and there accenting it. She can enlarge or minimize the wings at will, and typically has them at a small size that's perfect for hiding quickly, and keeps from getting in her way. Her tail, on the other hand, is not as easy to control; sometimes, it will resolutely stay whatever its current size happens to be at the moment, causing a bit of difficulty when trying to escape through a particularly thick patch of forest. Actually, it has only one size--not short enough to keep from letting the tip trail against the ground, but not long enough to really cause any damage [to the tail or otherwise], and appearing not at all--in other words, disappear.

Typically seen wearing a worn, loosely-fitting blackish-gray pheasant's shirt with elongated sleeves that falls over her fingertips and flare out slightly, thusly secured to her form by a belt in the form of a black-and-gray scarf tied about her waist, and a khaki colored skirt a little above knee length with slits running up the side over torn, baggy coal-colored pants that flares out at the tattered hem--which looks suspiciously as if it was caused by claws, or something of the like. Her black cloak is rather short, reaching to about her hips, made to provide easy movement and to have as less restrictions as possible, with a hood that is rarely used.

She's usually accompanied by the tinkle of bells and the metallic clanging of anklets and bangles or something of the sort clinging together, as well as the slender silver chains wrapped around her wrists, and has quite a few pretty trinkets on her person at all times. Among the ones she constantly wears, other than the silver chains, is an orange-gold band around her left upper arm, hiding something--a gold-and-red mark in the shape of a small wing, detailed with surprisingly fine, intricate black lines.



Special ability:

She has a dulcet voice that's capable of putting people--or things, depending on the situation, since it'd be terribly rude not to include them as well, y'know--to sleep or in a mesmerized state when she uses her special tone, which usually comes in handy during her excursions, or some things of the sort. She's known to have a few abilities that have to do with the air as well, though most of them aren't known because she likes the element of surprise; however, you could probably get a trick or two out of her if you goad her enough until she gets put-out--though, make sure not to get her too angry…

Weapon of choice:

Other than her abilities, she's known to be able to summon/form weapons such as kunai or shuriken in the form of tightly compressed air, as long as it's nothing too big--though, she's most likely bound to have a few other weapons on her person at all times as well.

Character bio/background:

Mischievous and always searching for something to keep her entertained, the Canary will often quickly grow bored and tire of repeated things, unless they happen to be something worth savoring. Somewhat of a kleptomaniac, you'd best keep an eye on objects that could be deemed 'pretty' the nimble, sticky-fingered little bird, lest you find soon enough that it'd gone missing.

Childish at times with a dark, relatively sadistic, sense of humor, her personality and moods are rather eccentric and quite unpredictable, making her more dangerous still. Being quick-witted--though not always selecting the right choices--and as equally swift in her movements, her erratic imagination and thought pattern, in addition her flightiness makes her a hard target to catch, especially when she wishes to be left alone, or am escaping from a particularly irritated fellow denizen or a mortal.

Like the other denizens of Wonderhell, she loves puzzles and riddles, and will often do one a good turn if one will either entertain her for a while, do her a favor, or give her a gift--if she feels up to it at the moment. A good show or a trinket or two will delight her, and it's better to be on her good side than her bad side--she can be a useful ally at times, being able to send messages and deliver things quickly being among some of her talents.

However, once she's had a certain amount of any sugary food, her personality get a little… different.

While she does things in a sort of lazy, leisurely way and has a drawling quality to her voice in her normal state, when she's had enough sweets, her tone seems more airier than before, with lighter, quicker movements that seem a bit off, sometimes even to the point where they could be considered spasmodic or convulsive, and a seemingly brighter disposition. Much more hyperactive and cheerful, she seems to be more approachable and friendly in this state, but there's something about her grin that's very unsettling…

While in her sugar-induced state, she's more cheery, but her temper progressively worsens when she's irritated, and somehow the thought of her angry with the odd, crooked grin and a seemingly pleased expression on her features seems to be more terrifying than while the Canary's irked in her normal state.

No one really knows where she came from, and she doesn't seem to care, so her origins are unknown; she wanders from place to place, flitting about dense woods and other places which happen to catch her eye at the time.

Quite the little charmer, she can sweet-talk her way out of most anything and her movements and behavior when interacting with others are teasingly affectionate, though typically subconsciously so--and, when deliberate, more often than not because she knows it irks quite a few people.